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Sometimes called "The Night Eagle", OWL is a messenger from the mystery, teaching us to embrace our personal darkness without fear.  OWL helps guide us through the dark tunnels of change and uncertainty to the brilliant light shining at the other end.

r.bryant, copyright 2008

OWL :  Intuition, Trust the DarknessAlong the spiritual teachings of the Native American, the Owl represents intuition, “sight in darkness”.  The only creature that can transcend dimension, Owl sees what others cannot.  This is the essence of true wisdom. Where others are deceived, Owl sees clearly. Unafraid of the dark, the Owl flies through the night unafraid of deception…the outcome...no fear.

 Those who are drawn to Owl have the energy of intuition, second sight…an ability to see beyond the physical realm and move into the future unafraid of the dark, not “thinking” so much…but “feeling.”